Beena CAM

Active therapy for amblyopia

Minimum System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Celeron, 1.73 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

CAM software is one of the equipments used for active treatment of amblyopia. The primary visual cortex neurons in the brain are selectively tuned to specific directions, sizes, positions, directions of movement, and shapes, meaning that each neuron (depending on the type of neuron) responds to a stimulus that moves in certain direction or have a specific size etc.

In the CAM method, a grating (set of lines) rotates in front of the eye, and with this rotation, a bunch of neurons in the visual system are stimulated and trained at any given moment. Due to the stimulation of a wide range of neurons, this method helps to treat amblyopia faster.

In the past, the CAM method was performed by special aparatuses, but today, with the advancement of technology, it is possible to implement this method in the form of computer software, and patients can perform exercises at home without the need to go to the office. Beena CAM software is one of these computer software that has been designed and provided to you by our experts.

The CAM method has the following advantages over the occlusion method:
Some patients with amblyopia whom have had no improvements with occlusion, have treated with CAM.
CAM sessions are shorter and recovery is faster, so treatment is more tolerable for the child.
The CAM method does not interfere with the child's education and life process and does not seem to be a problem for children.
Acceptance of treatment and patient cooperation are important determinants of treatment outcomes and this method is well accepted by patients.
The course of treatment with CAM is much shorter than the period of occlusion therapy, so there is no risk to the healthy eye during treatment.
There is no need to long term closure of healthy eyes, so binocular vision developes better than occlusion.
The occlusion method can not be used in the treatment of bilateral amblyopia, but CAM exercises have had prommising results in the treatment of bilateral amblyopia.
Advantages of Beena CAM over similar software:
Capable to display the more fine gratings
Has timer to show the time elapsed since the start of the exercise
Displays line width in cycles per minute
Ability to change the color of the lines to an infinite number of desired colors
Ability to change the contrast between the lines
Flashing mode to stimulate the visual system
Red flashing to further stimulate the macular area
Has mazes with different degrees of difficulty, dose and line-point games
Has multiple patterns for painting as eye activity
Eye-Hand Coordination exercises with scoring and audio feedback
Use mouse to enhance coordination of fine hand-eye movements or use marker and a transparent sheet on the monitor to enhance coordination of gross hand-eye movements
Visual acuity chart to measure vision before and after exercise
Provides diagrams of patient vision improvement
Has an ellaborated guide
Very simple and user friendly application method
Has special facilities for research projects such as changing the color of the lines, the contrast between the lines, the rotation speed, the duration of the treatment session and different flashing modes
Patients file + optical shop management and warehousing (Persian edition):
Patient files in which the information of each referral (including refraction recording, pathology) kept separately
Recording refraction, pathologies, results of contact lens examinations and amblyopia treatment sessions, etc. in the simplest possible way
Record information related to the purchase of frames and lenses and the sale of glasses and storage of frames and contact lenses
Reporting for research and business management
Ability to register companies and automatic contact with companies by software
Invoice registration with invoice description and all payments to a company
Record the goods sold and show the inventory of the desired goods
Report on sales items in a any period of time
Report on low-selling, best-selling and medium items
Inventory list of items for store warehousing
Various invoice reports in detail according to time period, invoice number, company
Various payment reports in detail depending on the time period, invoice or check number, company
The general report includes a list of all receipts and payments of companies in a certain period of time
Report debts to companies

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